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The Freeze Dry Guy

If you're expecting the government to step in and save you in the event of a natural disaster or economic crisis... well, you should know better. Sooner or later you'll wish you had some food storage on hand. This guy can help you prepare yourself for emergencies with freeze-dried meats and more. No other food satisfies like animal protein during stressful times.
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Behold A Pale Horse
Kickstarter Project
Country music legend Charlie Daniels is spokesman in this feature length documentary on these dangerous times. Featuring Richard Mack.

Patriot Date
A dating service for patriots, conservatives and those who love America.

Police Equipment Dealer
Police Equipment Dealer website
The best prices and fast, free shipping on premium tactical communications equipment and a complete line of the finest duty belt gear available.

TacticalVIDEO Inc.
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Rapidly deployable high definition video surveillance for overt and covert operations.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Firearms training from beginner to expert for civilian, law enforcement or military applications.

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If you would like to do more to support your local law enforcement in stopping the encroachments of the federal government, please support the CSPOA.

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This is an ongoing effort sponsored by me, the CSPOA and many others to rally our local law enforcement to the cause of freedom.

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I serve on the board of directors for the Oath Keepers movement, encouraging public officials to uphold the oath of office. I encourage you to be involved in this important cause.

GOOOH Get Out of Our House -

A non-partisan plan to evict the career politicians from the U.S. House Of Representatives. Why won't they just goooh!

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Drugs and Border Security
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1   Link   Rita Cosby Radio interview with Sheriff Mack (audio link)
Sheriff Richard Mack discusses border security and immigration issues on the Rita Cosby Radio show.
2   Link   Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Recreational drug use is bad for the individual and bad for society, so why would anyone want to legalize it? Oh, you mean like alcohol, tobacco and potato chips, NONE of which have any positive effects and all of which could kill you?
Nobody knows better than law enforcement officers the pointlessness of the so-called 'War on Drugs.' Cops are often led to believe that their job is only to enforce the law, not to make it, and so most keep their opinions to themselves. But aren't cops also voting citizens, and don't they have more firsthand experience with the drug problem than most people ever will? Maybe we should be listening. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DECIDE. It's not about whether drug abuse is 'bad' or not... it's about the best way to handle the problem.