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If you're expecting the government to step in and save you in the event of a natural disaster or economic crisis... well, you should know better. Sooner or later you'll wish you had some food storage on hand. This guy can help you prepare yourself for emergencies with freeze-dried meats and more. No other food satisfies like animal protein during stressful times.
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Behold A Pale Horse
Kickstarter Project
Country music legend Charlie Daniels is spokesman in this feature length documentary on these dangerous times. Featuring Richard Mack.

Patriot Date
A dating service for patriots, conservatives and those who love America.

Police Equipment Dealer
Police Equipment Dealer website
The best prices and fast, free shipping on premium tactical communications equipment and a complete line of the finest duty belt gear available.

TacticalVIDEO Inc.
TacticalVIDEO website
Rapidly deployable high definition video surveillance for overt and covert operations.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Firearms training from beginner to expert for civilian, law enforcement or military applications.

Liberty RoundTable Sam Bushman and Friends talk radio. Listen live online.

Common Sense Conversations Beth ‘Ann’ Schoenberg talk radio show. Listen live online.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

If you would like to do more to support your local law enforcement in stopping the encroachments of the federal government, please support the CSPOA.

The County Sheriff Project

This is an ongoing effort sponsored by me, the CSPOA and many others to rally our local law enforcement to the cause of freedom.

Oath Keepers

I serve on the board of directors for the Oath Keepers movement, encouraging public officials to uphold the oath of office. I encourage you to be involved in this important cause.

GOOOH Get Out of Our House -

A non-partisan plan to evict the career politicians from the U.S. House Of Representatives. Why won't they just goooh!

On The Air

Catch me every Thursday with Sam Bushman, on the air or online.

I'm a frequent guest on Common Sense Coalition talk radio. Listen on the air or online.

Joyce is a very good friend of mine. Listen on the air or online.

Family members and other supporters start a GoFundMe campaign for Richard & Dawn Mack
In November of 2014, Richard Mack's wife Dawn was hospitalized with serious medical issues. Then, in early January of 2015, Richard suffered a heart attack that required surgery. Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance. Please follow this link to learn more about how you can donate. If you prefer to donate directly to a bank account, here is the information to use: Bank: Wells Fargo Name on Account: Richard Mack Routing Number: 122105278 Account Number: 2816818385 Be sure to get a receipt. If you wish to verify that the family received the donation or have any other questions, send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Much appreciated!
Decisions from Sheriff Mack's lawsuit against the Clinton administration being used to block Obamacare
On December 9, 2013 reported that South Carolina is very close to passing HB 3101, which nullifies Obamacare for SC citizens and businesses. If the bill passes, South Carolina will be the first state to take this courageous and very appropriate stand against this most destructive and abusive and yes, unconstitutional statute!

South Carolina State Rep Tom Davis is the bill's sponsor, and in justifying his legislation he twice quoted from the Mack/Printz v. US case, saying that the States are not "political subdivisions of the Federal Government" and that the feds cannot "compel the states to enforce federal laws."

Click to read the full article

Sheriff Finch Cleared of All Charges
Liberty in Liberty County!

On October 31, 2013, Sheriff Nick Finch won his case at trial in Liberty County, Florida. The charges were complete nonsense to begin with, and the laughter in the courtroom was difficult to suppress as the prosecution presented its flimsy, farcical case.

Sheriff Finch was charged and arrested and booked into his own jail last June. Sheriff Finch had done something nearly unheard of, yet noble and courageous. He nullified the arrest of a law abiding citizen who had the audacity of carrying a gun in his pocket. Sheriff Finch said "not on my watch." So the State moved in, arrested the Sheriff and re-arrested the citizen, Mr. Parish.

The end result was Finch was removed from office and went to trial. Mr. Parish once again had the charges dropped, but he was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and pay $200.

Let's be very clear here, neither man was guilty of anything! There were no victims and no evidence that a crime had ever occurred. Today, a jury consisting of six Liberty County citizens nullified the charges against Sheriff Finch and told the State officials who brought this case to trial that they were having none of their shenanigans. Sheriff Finch was reinstated as Sheriff just 15 minutes later.

The Sheriff nullified the arrest of an innocent man and the jury nullified the arrest of another innocent man. Liberty won this Halloween day in Liberty County and a tremendous example was laid before us all; do what's right, keep your word, and have the courage to stand for the little guy. As Sheriff Finch testified in court before a badgering prosecutor who demeaned and assailed Sheriff Finch's dedication to his oath and the Constitution, Sheriff Finch calmly and firmly told the prosecutor and the court, "The Constitution has to count for something."

Sheriff Finch and his good wife are to admired for their courage and commitment. I am proud to call them friends and proud that I had the opportunity to witness for myself the humility and strength of these good people as they stared adversity in the face and won! Now perhaps it is for each of us to learn from this and realize that Liberty and the Constitution only "count for something" if we make it so.

We owe a special thanks to all those who contributed financially, called or emailed to voice your support, or prayed in faith that truth would prevail. It's encouraging to know that sometimes the good guys still win.

- Richard Mack

Action Alert! State Sovereignty Under Attack, YOU Can Defend
Have you heard KrisAnne Hall speak? She has made powerful presentations at our recent CSPOA conventions. You can find highlights from her presentations on our home page, or find her full presentation on the DVD or with the audio download. We’re on KrisAnne’s mailing list, and recently she sent out an email that was so good we feel it’s our duty to pass it along. Click here to read the entire post
The Crisis of the Day
When I sued the Clinton administration in 1994, I never imagined that Justice Scalia - the author of the ruling for the majority - would be so profound and powerful with his defense of the Tenth Amendment. Not only did Scalia say that the "States are not subject to federal direction" and that the US Congress only had "discreet and enumerated powers" and that federal impotency was "rendered express" by the Tenth Amendment, he also proclaimed that the States "retained an inviolable sovereignty." You would think that these statements alone would be monumental enough and would provide sufficient ammunition for all state and local officials to stand against any governmental tyranny without any hesitation. Nevertheless, Scalia went even further in this landmark decision, one in which two small-town sheriffs headed the Feds "off at the pass" and sent them on their way. Scalia, in his infinite obligation to the Constitution, took this entire ruling to the tenth power when he said, "The Constitution protects us from our own best that we may resist the temptation to concentrate power in one location as an expedient solution to the crisis of the day." The "crisis of the day?" Was Scalia clairvoyant? He rendered this opinion in June of 1997. Now we are dealing with the Obama administration and others (Rham Emanuel) whose mantra is "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Horrible examples of "crisis intervention" were seen during the aftermath of a bombing in Boston, a hurricane in New Orleans and a shooting in Connecticut. We see them whenever any other "emergency" arises. The police and Federal agents grant themselves power to suspend the Constitution, suspend American ideals and principles, and suspend their oaths of office to "make us all safer." The police in Boston went door to door drawing down on numerous citizens inside their own homes! During the chaos after Katrina ravaged New Orleans the police went door to door confiscating guns from law abiding citizens. After the Sandy Hook shootings legislators in Washington, Colorado, New York and Connecticut all tripped over themselves to create schemes of gun control laws aimed again at law abiding citizens! It's during crises that the Constitution is really put to the test. It's then that those who have sworn to protect and defend it are given a chance to show their true character and dedication to principles of American liberty. If all that is needed is a "crisis" or "emergency" to justify the destruction of our Constitution and the individual liberties of our citizens, then our enemies need only to create "crises" and "emergencies." The result is a tremendous blow to freedom and the destruction of our Constitution, and thus the foundation of America. I pray that our nation's sheriffs and police will stand and be counted regardless of the pressures and temptations to violate our oaths as an "expedient solution to the crisis of the day." Crises will happen and emergencies will come and go, but precious liberty, once lost, will be next to impossible to regain. Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
CSPOA Announces convention in St. Charles, MO
If you live anywhere near Missouri and you've been wanting to find your way to a CSPOA convention, now is your chance! This one, to be held May 31 - June 1 in St. Charles, Missouri, is FREE to all sheriffs, law enforcement officers and public officials. The the CSPOA conventions page for details and registration.
Syracuse, NY Rally Photos

Me addressing a crowd of approx. 2,000 freedom loving New Yorkers in Syracuse March 23. These photos were submitted by a rally attendee.
Help Sheriff Jeff Christopher Restore The Powers of His Office

SOS Jeff Christopher

At our CSPOA national convention in Las Vegas last September, we honored Sheriff Jeff Christopher with a special award recognizing his valiant efforts. As his case now comes to trial, we urge you to give what you can to this important cause. Click the image above to read more about Sheriff Jeff Christopher's battle and to find out how your donation can help. You can donate to him directly by mail, or via the CSPOA site right here.
Albany, NY Deputy Sets Example For Us All!
A pair of activists handed out flyers at the Albany, NY airport, warning travelers about the dangers of x-ray body scanners at Albany International Airport in New York. Naturally they were harassed by the airport administration, who called the cops. Well what did the cops do? Told the management to leave them alone, because they were not breaking any laws. It's inspiring to watch this bully try to order the officers around, and see how smoothly they performed their DUTY to serve and protect with exactness and constitutionality.

Read the full article here.


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